If your in-house programming staff is facing a new challenge, a custom-designed training program from nbm can provide just what they need to hit the ground running.

Focused and In-Depth
We don't make use of any stock training materials that are likely to be too simplified or out-of-date for the specific problems you want to overcome. There are a wide number and variety of technical seminars and generic training programs available, and we don't try to replicate what they provide. When you need to get up-to-speed fast on specific technologies for specific problems, these seminars and programs usually won't have what you need. Their approach to training is intended to provide a broad, shallow coverage of a single technology, rather than the detailed application of the diverse technologies that your people will need to solve a given problem. The instructors for these programs are usually just that: professional instructors, not programmers. If your people have questions that fall outside the scope of the course material, they are often out of luck.

Commando Training
We jokingly refer to our approach as "Commando Training", because of its in-depth, focused attention to the specific problems your organization is facing. Rather than sending you a professional instructor, armed with general information on programming topics, we send you a professional programmer armed with an instruction plan that is custom-designed to fit the needs of your organization and staff. We start each training project by conducting in-depth interviews with the project managers and key personnel on your staff, to identify the full depth of the challenges you want to overcome. We carefully analyze the problems you are having and the new technologies you want to master. We document your strengths and weaknesses, and then develop a tightly focused plan to bring every member of your staff up to full strength in all the appropriate areas.

Concurrent Instruction
Do you need a new office automation system, but don't want to rely on consultants to maintain and extend it forever? We can work with your staff to analyze and design the system, and then lead them through each step of the development and deployment process. We will provide detailed instruction on all the pertinent technologies and how they are going to be applied to the project, concurrent with the project management and supervision needed to complete the project within a reasonable timeframe. In this manner, the project itself is used as the training program. Its functional requirements set the standard for the scope of training required, and its task outline provides the curriculum and coursework. Its rate of progression will provide feedback on the success of the instructional effort, enabling us to identify where additional instruction is needed almost immediately. And when the project is completed, your staff will be thoroughly familiar with every aspect of its design and construction, because they will have done it.

Can We Help?
If you think your organization can benifit from our customized approach to training, give us a call. Let us talk with you about the advantages of CMS technology.