Server Extensions

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If your organization already has developed an in-house capability to create and maintain the HTML files for your web site, you are well ahead of the game!

But what do you do when there is a need to add advanced features to the site? Things like search engines, on-line catalogs, shopping carts, guest books, feedback pages, and membership rosters - these features all require a little more than HTML can support on its own.

Alphabet Soup
To implement these features, you need to be able to wade through a slew of new technologies: CGI, ISAPI, NSAPI, WinInet, ASP, Perl, WebClasses, ADO and SQL, just to name a few. You need to know which of these technologies is suitable for the application at hand and for your particular web server. Then, you need to know how to implement the solution using that technology.

Can We Help?
You shouldn't let this prevent you from getting the results you need from your site. Give us a call, and let us worry about the messy part for you.

We can provide a surprizingly inexpensive server extension that is tailored to best suit the application, server software, hardware platform, and the capabilities of your staff. We can install, test and tune the extension right at your site, and provide your staff with all the tools and training they need to keep it running smoothly.

Some ISPs don't allow advanced server extensions, or charge an outrageous surcharge to support them. Don't worry about that ...this is the web, after all! We can leave your site right where it is, but have the extension running on one of our servers. We can host the portion of your site that performs the advanced features, and provide continuous, expert maintenance at a very attractive cost.