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In the early days of the Internet, all a company needed to produce an effective presence on the web was a copy of FrontPage and a small space on someone's web server.

Things have changed a bit since then.
Today, web sites are more than electronic billboards. They are advertising vehicles, store fronts, distribution channels and support systems. They are training centers, conference rooms, and vital lines of communication. They represent the most flexible and cost-effective platform for enterprise system development we have ever imagined.

A Systematic Approach
Our approach to web site design and development is based on our years of experience. We're not desktop publishers, trying to port a limited skill set from print to the web. First and foremost, we are software developers, and we apply the same analytical methods to all our software system projects.

Listed below are some of the advantages we can offer

Needs Analysis
Before we begin planning the site, we work with the client to make sure that they have considered all the possible uses that the site can fulfill.

We make sure that they do not under-estimate what can be done with a web server, and that their existing information resources are examined to determine how they can be utilized to maximize the effectiveness of the site.

Design and Content Development
Quite frankly, implementing a given web site is the easy part, once it has been properly designed.

We can provide you with a comprehensive range of services to help you create and develop your site's content and design its visual appearance.

We can provide everything from basic data-entry, writing and editorial skills, to advanced art direction, user interface design and development of instructional materials.

Content Management
People don't visit web sites just to see glitzy animation and special effects any more. They come to get information, and they expect this information to be comprehensive, up to date, well organized and easy to access.

During the development of the site, we employ a range of technologies that enable the on-going development of the content, graphic design and structure to proceed efficiently and independently.

We don't create HTML pages - we create databases and software that generates the HTML pages. This approach enables us to experiment with the design, make sweeping changes to the site structure, and continuously develop and update the content, producing the finished site in far less time (cost) than an HTML authoring team could.

Dynamic Content Technologies
Few web sites today can be implemented as a simple set of HTML pages. Search engines, membership directories, product catalogs and web-based instructional applications - these and other advanced content systems require more than can be produced by an HTML author.

We specialize in employing relational database technology, cross-platform scripting and Dynamic HTML to produce sophisticated, interactive dynamic-content website components.

Quality Assurance
Like any complex software system, a web site requires rigorous testing to identify and fix bugs before the site is exposed to the public.

We employ professional, systematic testing methods to each site we develop, insuring that every visitor has a completely trouble-free experience.

Web System Components
Below is a partial list of the kinds of components we have developed for our clients' web sites and web-based systems.

Access Controls
Supports the special areas of your site that are intended for use only by a predefined group of users, or to those users who have sufficiently identified themselves.

Calendars & Schedules
Allow you to effectively display information based on date or time, such as a "Calendar of Events" page, or a workshop schedule for a conference website.

Allows your site's users to access and work with tabular lists of information, such as address-lists, URLs, chapters, regional representatives, and so forth.

Discussion Group/User Forum Systems
Interactive systems that allow users to submit their comments, questions and opinions, store the user submissions and allow subsequent users to review and respond to them.

Document Management Systems
Systems that allow large collections of documents to be stored in a web-ready format and to be quickly located and retrieved via the web.

E-Commerce Systems
Set up a virtual storefront on your web site, allowing users to purchase subscriptions to special areas of the site or special services you provide, or to browse an on-line catalog of your products and place orders via an electronic "shopping cart".

Email Services
Use your web site to allow users to sign up for news and update notices.

FAQ Systems
Minimize the technical support costs for employees and customers by compiling solutions to their most common problems and making them available on your web site.

Project Team Support
Enable geographically-dispersed members of your project team or work group to communicate, delegate, track and report progress via the web.

Registration Forms
A web-based approach to collecting user information "from the source", ranging in complexity from simple guest book pages to secure enrollment and subscription applications.

Resource Management
Allow your employees and/or clients to allocate and confirm the availability of company resources such as conference rooms, equipment and support personnel.

Search Engines
Supplements the standard navigation controls in your site by enabling your users to quickly find the specific information they need.

Survey Pages
Use your web site to conduct marketing, employee or customer-satisfaction research in a manner that is convenient, cost-effective, and statistically accurate.

User-Feedback Pages
Gather feedback from your web site users by allowing them to post opinions and ratings on specific pages or sections of the site.

Web-Based Training Systems
Enable a company to meet its training requirements by combining professional instructional design with web-based software to not only deliver the training material, but to also track the progress of individual students and of the training program overall.

Can We Help?
If your organization is interested in developing a site that is effectively designed, inexpensive to maintain, and can grow and adapt as rapidly as the people it represents, give us a call. Let us show you how our full-service approach can save you money and provide you with a greater return on your investment in web technology.