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"Off-the-shelf" software packages like Microsoft Word and Excel are considered essential by most offices, to help with common office tasks. But what about the big jobs that your office has to deal with? What about the routine tasks your office has to perform on a daily basis that are unique to your business? ...or the special projects that get dropped in your lap, the ones that have you and your staff working around the clock for weeks to complete?

What Does It Mean? The term office automation system refers to any computerized approach to automating and streamlining routine tasks in the workplace. It means getting your work done on time, with complete accuracy and no frustration. It means something as simple as a set of customized templates and operations for Microsoft Office, or as sophisticated as a multi-tier relational database. For small businesses, it means enabling a worker to perform multiple roles in less time and with far less training. For virtual corporations, it can mean a conduit between workers in geographically disparate locations, a way to communicate and work together without being together.

What it does not mean is an exhorbitant cost. Developing custom software is no longer the expensive proposition it used to be.

Thanks to the component-based architecture of Microsoft's Windows operating systems and applications, very sophisticated systems can be built within a timeframe and budget that any organization can justify.

Can We Help? If you would like to discuss how a custom-tailored office automation system can help your business, give us a call. We have command of a broad range of technologies we can choose from, to develop the solution that best suits your people, business, work environment, and budget.